The Last Kingdom Rides Again

Release Date
November 19
Episode Count

Uhtred is back. And this time he’s fully committed to ten episodes on Netflix. The Last Kingdom returns for its third season as one of the best shows on Netflix. Fan of History’s Vikings? You will love this show. Personally, since Ragnar died on Vikings, I prefer the tale of Uhtred as he seeks to reclaim his birthright of Bebbanburg.

November 19 is the release of the ten episode series, a welcome uptick from the six when the series was partnered with our friends across the pond. Damn the UK makes some amazing TV. The Last Kingdom. Peaky Blinders. You’ll be hard pressed to find comparable shows on U.S. networks. Definitely not on the big three. You have to flip through the channels and look towards HBO and the like.

Look for our first review in the coming days as we break down each episode as Uhtred and his followers seek to reclaim his rightful inheritance. Destiny awaits.

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