Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode was incredible. And that battle scene was beautifully shot. At least, compared to Waif’s ‘Terminator walk’ when chasing Arya in the episode before. We were itching for a great battle, and episode 9 delivered big time.

Folks on the internet were quick to mash Overwatch’s ‘Play of the Game’ with Sunday’s best scene. Hell, it’s just nice seeing someone besides Bastion or Torbjörn get it.

Check out Jon Snow getting a quadruple kill.

Don’t worry Littlefinger; you weren’t left out.

Ever since Overwatch burst onto the gaming scene last month, the mashups have steadily trickled in.

How about The First Order?

My favorite? Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow. Sure, the kill feed isn’t there – but it’s still awesome.

So, about that battle scene on Sunday. Where does it rank for you in best battle scenes ever? The sheer jump in quality from episode 8 to 9 is probably blinding most of us, but the cinematography was outstanding. Seeing that cavalry charge makes me wish for another Braveheart or Kingdom of Heaven.

Game of Thrones Battle of Bastards

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