As the August 14th launch date nears, the SEC Network signed two more deals this week. One with Time Warner and another with Bright House Networks.

The ESPN-backed network will now reach 60 million households when it launches on August 14. Right now, Comcast, Time Warner, Dish Network, Cox Communications, AT&T U-verse, Bright House and Google Fiber have signed deals to carry the SEC Network.

The biggest holdout is DirecTV. But, they are reportedly deep in negotiations on a deal.

“We know we have customers who want the SEC-ESPN Network, and are pleased to bring it to them,” said Andrew Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Content Acquisition for Time Warner Cable. “This deal will help ensure that fans and alumni of SEC universities won’t miss any important games.”

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive expressed his joy over the deal. “It is great to have Time Warner Cable as a distribution partner for the SEC Network,” said Slive. “Time Warner Cable customers, particularly those in South Carolina and Texas, will have the opportunity to enjoy our football season opener exclusively on the SEC Network when Texas A&M visits South Carolina on August 28.”

The SEC Network will televise at least 45 SEC football games in the upcoming season. The first game kicks off on August 28 with Texas A&M playing South Carolina.

ESPN and the SEC will be attached at the hip for many years to come. Both sides reached a 20 year deal that stretches through 2034 to operate the network. More than 1,000 live events are expected to be broadcasted in the SEC Network’s first year.


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