Now it’s a trilogy. You’ve seen Olympus Has Fallen. Maybe London Has Fallen. Come August; it’s Angel Has Fallen. In what is sure to clog up my Netflix movie queue, Gerard Butler (Mike Banning) reprises his role as the head of the Secret Service detail protecting now President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman).

Don’t forget; he wants his coffee in a real mug, none of that styrofoam crap. Lionsgate hit us with a trailer.

Ok, if there were a drinking game of how many times a studio forces the word ‘fall’ because it fits the title card, I’d die. And drones? Come on, Lionsgate. Throw us, enthusiasts, a bone here. There’s no way any of that works without calibrating each compass, the IMU, check signal strength. By the time you get half a dozen ready, Morgan Freeman is back to playing God.

Joining Banning in his quest to clear his name and save the President is his father played by Nick Nolte. Who just so happens to have an arsenal of weapons and explosives in his backwoods home. Damn the Secret Service interview process has become lax. Pretty sure old crazy dude ringing his yard with mines raises a red flag somewhere. But, ‘Murica.  

Does it look comical? Of course. But it’s pure ‘you’re bored, here’s a movie’ heaven. Gerard Butler doing his John Wick impression without the style. Sorry Mike, but Team Keanu here. Tailored suits. Badass cars.

Angel Has Fallen hits theaters on August 23rd. Go ahead. Admit you’ll be there. No shame with watching a popcorn movie.

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