Leave it to the folks at Inverse to unmask Luke’s questioning nature in Star Wars. For a guy who bought into the Force as soon as he had a lightsaber in his hands, he’s not afraid to ask questions.


Luke Skywalker is that kid from high school who constantly asked questions in class. What? How? Or my personal favorite, why?

Are we going to find a pilot at the spaceport? Nah brother, Obi-Wan needs a drink, and you’re driving. Luke Skywalker was Old Ben’s designated driver.

Death Star needs two torpedoes down a rather glaring design flaw (I believe we will be thanking Jyn’s father in December for that)? Damn right Luke Skywalker has questions. Toss in Darth Vader yelling ‘WHAT?!?’ and it’s comedic gold.

Because no day is complete without Rogue One trailers, I’ll leave these right here:

And a little Forest Whitaker screaming, ‘Save the rebellion! Save the dream! It’s Star Wars. I’d be disappointed if it didn’t have some cheesy lines. It’s for the kids. And adults who are still kids. No shame in that.

You can’t unhear the Heroes parallel: ‘Save the cheerleader. Save the world. In case the Disney marketing machine missed you, Rogue One hits theaters on December 16.

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